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Image with an entrance to a dark tunnel supported by 4 pillars. The pillars are named Scripture, Holy Spirit, Connection and Surrender.
January 14, 2024

Pillar 4 - Followship

By:  John Poundstone

If we truly want to become more Christ-like we need to immerse ourselves in scripture, rely upon the Holy Spirit, and spend time in connection and communion with other believers. Most importantly we must learn to surrender.  Surrendering means realizing that life is not centered around us.  Surrendering means letting go of our agendas, beliefs, egos, passions, failings, faults, cares, concerns, successes, anxiousness, and more. Living a life of self sacrifice focused upon the glory of God will lead us to discover true life, peace and joy.

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Message Slides

The following slides were included in the worship presentation

Message Slides - Pillar 4 - Followship - 1-14-23

Video Playlist

Senior Leader, John Poundstone has prepared an inspirational playlist of videos to encourage you during the week. You can access the playlist here.

Surrender Video Playlist

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