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Our Mission & Values


Our Vision

Grow God’s Kingdom and Christ’s Church personally, locally, regionally and beyond.

Our Mission

Live from freedom and joy. Love extravagantly. Lead well. Leave a legacy.
Live from our Lord’s liberty and joy, that others may;
Love God with all we have and are, and others how He does;
Lead from God’s presence and joy with excellence, to raise and release leaders;
Leave a legacy of vibrant, renewed people; strong, exciting communities and works**; and giving selflessly to others.
(**Worship, marriage, family, enterprise, art, products and services.)
crosses on a hill

Toward What End?

The Gospel of the Kingdom, and Freedom!
Proclaim. Declare the Kingdom of God: How it’s real and here right now; what it is; that it’s wide open to each of us and ALL of us. Yes, you… or “him” or “her” too (even at their worst)!
Minister. Show and activate the Kingdom of God and the culture of heaven: Minister to needs; manifest God’s precious presence and gifts. Tear down evil works (1 John 3:8). Seek and save that which has been lost (Luk 19:10). Be free people who free people! (Galatians 5:1)
Teach and train. Teach the Kingdom of God and Its Ways: Equip and empower people, families, leaders and organizations to transform and to serve, so that they may access and operate in and from the presence (love, grace, peace, truths and authority) of God.
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