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Joy! Kids

Joy! Church passionately believes families and churches raise more than children. Together, we raise revivalists, ministers, leaders, parents, workers, artists, craftsmen and women, professionals and more.

Vision, Mission, Core Values and Key Distinctives

Our vision, mission, core values and key distinctives apply no less to all JC Kids activities, including Kids Church! Visit our Mission and Vision page for more information.
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Overarching Goals

Kids come to know God personally, as always good, always present and always with them, always for them, and as Lord;
Kids learn, experience and apply scripture in such a way they might create a life-long hunger and curiosity for the Bible;
Kids develop their God-given giftings, activate and operate in them.

Core Parameters

These our handrails and guardrails
Presence and goodness of God
Praise and worship and prayer are key
Hunger for scripture. Activate spiritual giftings
Parents are kids’ primary caregivers, disciplers and carry full responsibility for kids’ upbringing
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Create and maintain environments where families can be confident kids are SAFE - physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, sexually, spiritually and in all other ways. That is not negotiable.
Growing big people is growing a big church
Kids’ ministry carries same weight / importance as adult church… maybe more
Discipling. Training. Fun! Liberty & Lordship of Christ. Founding. Preparing. Imparting. Activating. Kids know and flow in their God-given giftings.

More Information

For more information about the Joy Kids Children's Program, please call or text the Church Office at 775-815-3364 - Call/Text or info@joychurch.life.
Joy Kids Friends
Children's Directors Kevin & Alexandria
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