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April 28, 2024


By:  John Poundstone

Today we explore the idea of staying spiritually "lit" or deeply connected and fueled by Holy Spirit. To keep our “light” bright we need to avoid conforming to the world and instead focus on connecting with God through prayer and scripture. If we neglect our spiritual life, our inner flame flickers and dims. Are you shining the light of Christ's love in all you do, or have life’s challenges dimmed your light? Everyday we need to focus on reigniting our spiritual fire and spreading His light. We are encouraged to open our hearts to be transformed by God’s grace and love, and to live fully lit by Holy Spirit.

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Message Slides

The following slides were presented during the worship service.

Lit Message Slides - 4-24-2024

100+ Bible Citations about the Light of God

The following handout was made available during the worship service.

100+ Bible Citations about the Light of God

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