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Welcome to Joy Church!  We're so glad that you're here!

How to Find Us

Our facilities and gatherings are at 4120 Highway 50A, Fernley, 89408.  We’re across Highway 50 from the Desert Lakes Community. Look for us about 5 miles east of the Fernley traffic circle. Your smartphone app will bring you right to us.
Our phone number is 775-575-9336.  E-mail us at info@joychurch.life

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What We're Like

Hopefully when you encounter someone who’s part of Joy! Church, you’ll be able to sense the joy, love, grace and mercy of God. At our gatherings, you will find unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness. However, true love and true mercy don’t stop there. You can also expect to find a culture doing its best to follow the Kingdom path of personal responsibility, and setting high expectations for growing in Christ’s ways and likeness. Fueled by a loving God’s faith, hope and love, we talk normal and, in love, embrace, admonish and speak truth to one another.

About Our Worship Services

Our worship service starts at 10:30. We hold Kid’s Church too! You’ll likely find us to be warm, friendly and inviting. Each Sunday service tends to stand on its own, and one Sunday likely will be different from the next one ☺.

Many of us also join together between 9:30 and 10:00ish for a time of prayer and worship we call SEEK. The idea and objective is to prepare ourselves individually and corporately to host and magnify the presence of God. We do our best to ensure that those who come at 10:30 encounter the authentic goodness and grace of the good, good God Who so loves them. Join us!

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Do you Teach the Bible?

Absolutely; do we ever! We do our utmost to reclaim, teach and deploy the full Gospel—the Gospel the Kingdom of God and its King, Jesus the Christ.

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Do you offer times to gather with others?

We offer multiple gatherings weekly. We host community gatherings and events. We encourage and launch people and groups. We join other ministries’ gatherings regularly and often!

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So… are you a church, a ministry, a non-profit, a business – or what?

We’re all those—in the making. The Kingdom of God transcends, pervades and prospers every type of enterprise. We exist to serve and build up people, leaders and enterprises. Our vision and intent is to start, and partner with, many pastorates, churches, and even other entities beyond the church world.

We’ll start simply and follow the model of the most successful enterprise in history: The first-century, Christ-following church—its founders, principles and methods. We’ll initially look to the books of Colossians, Ephesians and Acts for guidance. Given federal, state and local laws we felt it necessary to long ago become and base from a church and non-profit 501(C)(3) corporation, which we are.

What brand or denomination are you?

We are trans-denominational. Key to our charter is serving and uniting the wider local church beyond Joy! Church. Second only to the home, the local church holds the greatest potential to change our society and culture for good. As we build up and unite our region’s diversified community of ministries, so will our region and culture prosper in all ways. There is an old adage: “In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity”. We can’t say it better.

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