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April 21, 2024

Weakness Power

By:  John Poundstone

Living in a culture that values self-reliance, it may seem counterintuitive to us to think of weakness as a positive thing. However, the Bible makes it clear that true strength and power come from God. When we acknowledge our frailty and vulnerability, put our trust in God and depend entirely on Him, He will provide the power we need in this life and transform us in the process. Jesus was the perfect example of this, as He chose to rely completely on God's strength rather than His own, particularly during His times of suffering. In order to receive God’s power, we have to reject self-centered traits like self-reliance and self-protection. Our mission is to submit ourselves to God and kingdom ways in all areas of our lives. We will then be equipped and empowered to serve out our destiny in the way God intended from before time began.

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Message Slides

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Weakness Power Message Slides - 4-21-2024

Table Time Handout

Weakness Power Table Time Handout

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