cross on a hill at sunrise
April 16, 2023

Now What?


Now that Easter has passed, you may find yourself asking “Now What?”

The 40 day period between Jesus’ Resurrection and Ascension was a monumental time of transition and preparation. Jesus spent time with his disciples and prepared them to live and minister in his name.  

This year, we are encouraged to take this 40 day period between Easter and Pentecost and undertake our own time of transition and preparation by:

  • Growing in intimacy with Jesus by praying and meditating on scripture;
  • Seeing and honoring the value and equality of all people regardless of their race, age, social position and especially gender;
  • Taking our seat at Jesus’ table by accepting and receiving his offer of adoption into the Kingdom.

Message Slides

Now What? Message Slides - 4/16/23

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