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Red Christmas Lantern in the snow
December 24, 2023

Advent Love

By:  John Poundstone
Book:  Matthew | Romans

At the heart of everything is one love. The love that gave birth to all of creation is the same love that was born on that 1st Christmas morning in Bethlehem. The light that shone in the darkness, that same love is the love being born in you each day without Ceasing, so open yourself to this light and celebrate the coming of god into this world in In your darkness, into this world, in your darkness. Christmas is not long ago and far away, but Here and now, today and every day. May we open our spirits, our hearts, our souls, our minds, our Strength. Let's choose risk. Let's let God in fully. Let our love be Radical, undefeatable, interconnected, Forever attached love has said. Let's expectantly await it.

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