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Bible with a crown of thorns casting a heart shaped shadow onto the pages
March 3, 2024

Abide in the Bible

By:  John Poundstone

This week, we're diving into the spiritual discipline of Bible reading. The Bible is alive. It's filled with "living water" and divine treasures that God wants very much to share with us. Reading the Bible is about more than reading - it's about experiencing God's presence and allowing His Word to shape our lives. The Bible isn't just a book. It is a revelation of Jesus Christ. When we read, it's important to partner with the Holy Spirit. Ask Him, "What do you want me to learn? How do you want to reveal Jesus to me today?" Let the Holy Spirit guide your reading and understanding. At the same time, we need to avoid what John Poundstone calls "Bib-olatry" - idolatry or worship of the Bible itself. We should not read the Bible for our own satisfaction or to prove our own point of view by taking verses out of context.

This week, consider what is keeping you from the Bible and if you're a regular reader, ask yourself why Bible reading is important to you.

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Message Slides

The following slides were included in the worship presentation.

Abide in the Bible Message Slides - 3-3-2024

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