Jim Hylton


Jim Hylton

Apostolic Elder

Jim Hylton has been in church leadership for more than 55 years. He has pastored and led conferences worldwide, and he has appeared on Life Today, Daystar, TBN, 700 Club, and various local television programs.

Jim has extensively traveled, spoken, and written about spiritual reality. He has shared a life message of “Awakening” for over fifty years. Both as a pastor and conference speaker he has traveled the world to encourage an awakened awareness of God's presence with accompanying love filled benefits. Awakening gave him vision for networking churches and organizations in two citywide endeavors: Fort Worth, TX and Oklahoma City, OK.

Compassion to meet needs continues to guide him. Jim co-founded a medical clinic, and has acted as consultant in several breakthrough technologies for supplies of energy as well as safety. He is currently Staff Pastor at Northwood Church of Keller, TX, near where he and his wife of over sixty years, Jane, make their home in Fort Worth, Texas.

Jim has authored several highly regarded books on the Kingdom and Kingdom life. John and Jim have been in relationship for 7+ years. John has sat under Jim’s teachings, and has taught business and ministry leaders with him and for him.

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