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October 9, 2022

Tis the Season

By:  Pastor John Poundstone
Book:  2 Corinthians

It is election season and many of us have questions. What is the Biblical response to politics? What is a Christian's role in elections? When it comes to elections and politics in this time, the only person we need to please is our Heavenly Father. We owe Him our fealty - our utter commitment.

When it comes to elections and politics, we have two options:

Engage in a Godly Way

  • Engage
  • Register to Vote
  • Get informed and vote wisely
  • Encourage your family & friends to vote
  • Stay Engaged

Disengage in a Godly Way

  • You are a citizen of God's Kingdom. You are not a citizen of this world. You can willfully disengage and focus solely & exclusively on God's Kingdom
  • Don't vote
  • Do pray and intercede for our government, our officials and our system
  • Completely let go of the results of the election
  • Forfeit political discourse. If you didn't vote you have no right speaking out in public gatherings or on social media about political issues.

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