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narrow gate
May 7, 2023

Navigate the Narrow Gate

By:  John Poundstone
Book:  Matthew

How do we navigate the narrow gate that the Bible talks about?   If Jesus has made salvation possible for all of us, why does he say the gate is narrow and few will find it? 

The wide and narrow gates describe our choices in this life. The broad gate represents the path most people, even Christians choose. The broad gate leads to destruction because it's all about me and my interests.  It’s about self-involvement, self-defense, self-protection, self-interest, and selfies. It’s about serving a God we make in our own image which is nothing short of idolatry.  It deeply grieves, and concerns Our loving God to see us diminished and destroyed by our own self focused mindset.  

The narrow gate, on the other hand, is about choosing to shift our focus to God and to treat others with the same care and respect that we desire for ourselves. This is the very essence of the teachings of the law and the prophets. By choosing to enter through the narrow gate, we not only gain eternal life but also experience abundant life right now.

In this message we learn how to resign as “master of our own universe” and let Jesus show us the things that pull us off the path and how to find the narrow gate that leads to abundant life.

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Message Slides 5-7-23 Navigating the Narrow Gate

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