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April 24, 2023

It's Not About Me

By:  John Poundstone

In our culture today, we are encouraged to think that life is all about us: our needs, our wants, our goals. We're encouraged to pursue our personal truth and live our best life. But when we become followers of Christ, we must adopt a new way of thinking: "It's Not About Me." Jesus himself never sought personal gain or revenge. Instead he focused only on the will of the Father.

As followers of Jesus, we must take a look at our own behavior and reactions, and surrender to the Holy Spirit. True discipleship means being willing to sacrifice ourselves for His glory, and discovering the true life that comes from following His ways. It's only by letting go of our own desires and agendas that we can find the purpose God has for us. We need to remember that "It's Not About Me" – it's about His plan, His will, and His glory.

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Message Slides - "It's No About Me" - 4-23-23

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