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April 30, 2023

Hands On

By:  John Poundstone

The laying on of hands is a beautiful way for us to express our love, care, and concern for others through the use of our hands. It is a powerful means of transmitting blessings, authority, and wisdom as well as commissioning individuals for ministry. This divine practice is found throughout the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, and is an elemental ‘basic’ of the Christian faith. When we lay hands on others, we must do so with humility and deep reverence for God. We must follow biblical protocols and exercise discretion, especially when it comes to children and those of the opposite sex. Most importantly, we must allow the Holy Spirit to guide us and keep our hands clean and hearts pure, so that we can express and transmit God's grace and love.


This video about the laying on of hands by Derek Prince was included in the message.

Hands On Message Slides

Message slides 4-30-23 Hands On

Hands On Supplemental Verses

Hands on Supplemental Verses

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