SEEK Gatherings

Join us for these special gatherings at 6:30 p.m. on the last Saturday of each month.
SEEK! Is a regional gathering—a special time to come together as the broader community, to engage the “Way More” of God.
Seek Gatherings are for everyone. You are invited and welcome!
Joy Worship

Why You Should Come

Have you ever felt something like a deeper hunger, need or curiosity…
“There’s just got to be more.”
“I want to experience God more intimately.”
“I want to go deeper.”
“I need healing.”
“I love God but church (or religion) is not for me.”
“I want to meet other people who are truly seeking God.”
Or maybe yours is a different unmet yearning or need…
SEEK! Gatherings could be for you—a safe environment to advance your quest, or really get some help, where no one will try to recruit you to any other agenda.

What Makes Seek Gatherings Special?

A SEEK! Gathering is all about pursuing God’s holy presence, peace, purity, priorities and power. It isn't a church service. We work hard to create and sustain a safe environment that reveres God and is aligned with scripture. We do orderly follow Holy Spirit’s direction and leadings. We don’t follow formulas, set rules, traditions or religious dictates.

Each gathering is unique; you will find no two alike. You might encounter:

Worship arts (music, praise and worship, creative and visual arts, dance, flagging, etc.);
Prayer (of all types);
Intercession (prayer, healing, deliverance, etc.);
Impartation (teaching, spoken word, poetry, prophecy, etc.);
Real connection… with God and one another (the spirit of unity through the bond of peace in Christ).
Spirit Led Painting

Questions about SEEK?

Here are some of the questions that people ask about SEEK Gatherings.  Please reach out to us if you have any additional questions.

What if I go to a different church, or belong to a different denomination or religion, or don’t go to church?

Come! SEEK! Gatherings celebrate and respect the diversity of denominations and doctrines rather than give them permission to them to divide. We singularly, passionately focus on the love, acceptance, forgiveness and transforming power of Jesus the Christ, so we don’t get caught up with different faith streams, or even other religions or non-religions.

Are children welcome to attend and/or participate?

Absolutely! In fact, we value kids’ participation very highly.

Is there nursery care or childcare?

Presently, no. We are open to providing that when a demonstrated need for it arises and we can also reasonably provide the atmosphere of safety, security, love and structure children so deserve.

Roughly how long does the service last?

Usually, about 90 minutes. Holy Spirit directs. We might stop sooner, or go however long He wants. 
Again, this is not a church service. Most people arrive a few minutes early. However, people also arrive as they can, and leave if they need to (open entry; open exit).

You're Invited!

So come along to SEEK! We can’t wait to see you there as we discover the transformative power of true worship and ministry, find peace amidst chaos, and align our lives with His priorities. Prepare to be surprised by God’s glory and to receive his love in abundance!
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